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If someone were to walk into your classroom, what would they see?

I’ve been doing a lot of classroom walk-throughs recently as part of my internship.  It is very interesting to have an opportunity to see teaching from the “other side.” It also makes me think about what someone would have thought at any given time when they walked through my classroom.  (hmm….)

I’d love to give teachers the benefit of the doubt- having been one, butI have seen only a hand-full of classrooms that I would want my child in.  I have seen many teachers doing what I might call “old-school.”  I also have seen teaching as a check-list.  They are covering the standard, but it is simply that- covering.   Where is the thought behind it.  A glimmer of something that would suggest the teacher understands how this piece of information connects into a bigger picture… a glimmer of excitement, passion.


A science teacher who made sure to incorporate a self-assessment rubric and was actually “caught” in the act of supporting/guiding a child in using the self-assessment rubric.

A kindergarten teacher that still had “play-time.”  There were two little boys in the kitchen area making sandwiches and sharing.

A teacher who recorded her hands modeling a math lesson (guided practice) using math manipulatives on her i-pad, which was then used as a center so that she was able to pull another small group and conduct a guided math lesson.

These lessons were my glimmer…

All teachers/retired teachers feel free to share your best ideas/lessons — so my hope and others’ hope can grow.