First, sorry I’ve not posted quickly.  My schedule is going to mean that I post sporadically.

I just need to take a moment- after two days of professional development (PD) on guided reading– I realized, it’s all about expectations.  If you don’t expect your students to read at an “appropriate” level, they won’t. Period!

What are “high expectations”– I used to think that was for each teacher to decide.  I now wonder??

School curriculum coach: “but… our kids are so low…”

Me:   “and… !?” ….    “Mine were too, but they still ….”

Yes, everyone is different.  Yes, everyone will master at a different level.  But!  There needs to be an understanding that the majority of children can do… just ask, push, instruct …

Sorry if this post isn’t clear, or meaningful… I’ll come back to it, but I’m just so upset right now from hearing “our kids are so low…” that I needed to take a moment to vent.